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Board & Batten Exterior Shutters Specifications

Board and Batten Shutter Panel Specifications:

Board Batten

Material Thickness: 1/8"
Vertical Boards (A): 3.5" wide with 7/8" depth
Horizontal (Cross) Battens (B): 3.5" high with 7/8" depth
Open Weave Spacing (C): approximately 0.75" between each board

Constructed from durable vinyl, fully assembled ready for installation.
Standard panels are made with stapled multi-piece components.
Board and Batten shutters are decorative only, made with a hollow open back.
All shutters have a molded wood grain texture.
Board & Batten shutters are available in one color or a combination of two colors.

board and batten outdoor shuttersSpecification and Measuring Guide (PDF)

Board & Batten Shutter Profile: Select the number of cross boards and their location according to the drawings below. Panels #11 - #22 cost 10% more than other styles. Panels #11 and #14 come in sets of one left and one right panel. Styles offered are available in either closed weave or open weave (not shown) with 2 to 8 horizontal battens. All configurations available in one color or a combination of two colors.

Board Shutters

Outdoor Shutters

Weave: Boards may be arranged in either a closed or open weave configuration. Open weave panels have 0.75" between each board.

shutter tops


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