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Fixed Louvered Exterior Shutters

Exterior louvered shutters are the most common outdoor shutter used in the United States. Functional exterior shutters with louvers are the most versatile to control light and ventilation. Ready Shutters vinyl shutters replicate that look in non-functional form.


Single-wide standard exterior louvered shutters are constructed from multiple components to achieve the desired size. The outdoor shutter panels are available in multiple sizes, configurations, and colors. Select a shutter width that is right for each window on your house. Use the measuring instructions for louvered shutters to determine what is the right width and height of the desired fixed louver shutter.


If the singe-wide panels are too narrow, double-wide outside shutter panels are available. Both styles can be ordered in a choice of ten configurations. The styles offered use no, one, two, or three divider rails in various locations. All external shutter styles are available with a cathedral or straight top. More information about all styles can be found by selecting the style above and viewing the specification page.


All standard louvered exterior shutters can be ordered in one or a combination of two colors. The shutter colors available include green, red, black, blue, white, brown, and gray. The selection includes over 20 colors for outdoor shutters to match your house and home.


Shutters are easily installed with shutter screws or spikes next to the window. All outdoor shutters are constructed from high quality, easy to maintain exterior grade vinyl.


One piece outside shutters are molded in a solid panel. These shutters come in limited sizes and colors, but generally ship fast and can be painted if necessary. The are slightly more durable and fade resistant than the standard panels.


Louvered exterior shutters also are available as arch top shutters. This shutter is necessary for arched windows. Arch top shutters are also available as combination arch top shutters of louvers and raised panel.


Order exterior louver shutters from Ready Shutters to be shipped across the United States.


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