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Louver Exterior Shutters Specifications - DISCONTINUED

One-Piece Louvered Panel Specifications:

Louverd Shutters

Panel Depth:  7/8"
Material Thickness: 1/16" - 1/8"
Top Rail (A):  2" - 3"
Divider Rail (B):  2" - 3"
Bottom Rail (C):  3" - 4"
Side Stile (D):  1" - 4"
Louvers (E):  7/8" (18° angle)

Louvered shutter panels are made with an open back, constructed as a "shell".
All shutters have an authentic wood grain appearance and beaded detail.

louvered outdoor shuttersSpecification and Measuring Guide (PDF)


For more configuration, color, size, and top profile options, see Standard Louvered Shutters.

Louver Shutter Profile:

Exterior Shutter Panel


Top Profile: The design of the top rail - Cathedral

Louvered Top




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