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Combo Exterior Shutters Instructions

Use the following guidelines to determine panel sizes for your windows.


Width: Shutter width depends on the space available around a window, as well as desired appearance. For an appearance of functioning shutters, shutter width should be about half the width of the window (not including the frame), although not required for non-functional vinyl exterior shutters.


Exterior Shutters


Arched Top: Because combo arch top shutters only come in one width (14"), a window width between 25" and 60" is best for arch top shutter panels.


arch top

Height: Measure the height of each window or door (sash) and order the shutters in the same heights (do not include the frame of the window or door in your measurements). Height of shutters are from the lowest to the highest part of the panel.


Guidelines: For the appearance of functioning shutters, panel widths should be about half the width of the window. However, non-functional vinyl exterior shutters will never be closed over windows and are installed only as accents to improve the appearance of the home or building. Large or bay windows are often too wide to use panels that appear to be functional, so often a smaller panel is appropriate.

Window Width
Single Wide
Shutter Width
Double Wide
Shutter Width
16" or smaller
17" - 22"
9" - 10"
23" - 31"
12" - 14.5"
32" - 40"
14.5" - 16.25" - 17.75 "
14.875" - 19"
41" - 45"
19" - 20.875"
46" - 53"
23.875" - 25.75"
54" +
27.5" - 29"


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