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Available Exterior Shutter Color Options

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  White Shutters  White #001

  Black Shutters  Black #002

  Bedford Blue Shutters  Bedford Blue #004

  Brick Red Shutters  Brick Red #005

  Dark Gray Shutters  Dark Gray #007

  Colonial Blue Shutters  Colonial Blue #008

  Pine Green Shutters  Pine Green #009

  Sandalwood Shutters  Sandalwood #011

  Bronze Shutters  Bronze #018

  Sage Shutters  Sage #020
  Ebony Green Shutters  Ebony Green #021

  Sienna Brown Shutters  Sienna Brown #025

  Potters Clay Shutters  Potters Clay #200

  Chocolate Shutters  Chocolate Chip #206

  Lunar Blue Shutters  Lunar Blue #208

  Burgundy Shutters  Burgundy #260

  Heritage Green Shutters  Heritage Green #331

  Dove Gray Shutters  Dove Gray #352

  Cranberry Shutters  Cranberry #613

  Paint Shutters  Paint Yourself #049

Exterior Shutters

Colors and grain shown above may be distorted due to differences in monitor settings and resolution. If color is critical, samples chips of the finish colors may be purchased.

Outside Shutters

Exterior Shutter Colors

Ready Shutters offers 19 standard outdoor shutter colors. Each color is designed to coordinate with many of the popular house paint colors used today. Black shutters are the most popular, with black used as an accent color more than any other. Black is also use because it does not easily show dust and dirt. Dark brown shutters are also favored because the remain attractive with very little maintenance. Colors in the dark brown category include Sienna Brown, Chocolate Chip, and Bronze. Potters Clay and Sandalwood are light brown shutters that compliment most any base house color.


Gray shutters are safe because they will never detract from the primary paint color, which includes Dark Gray and Dove Gray. Green shutters can be used in most any region within the United States. Heritage Green, Ebony Green, Sage, and Pine Green accent neutral house colors. Blue shutters also have the ability to highlight an otherwise flat house paint scheme. Select either Bedford Blue, Colonial Blue, or Lunar Blue from the list of available Ready Shutters colors.


Red shutters are the most bold. Red stands out more than any other color available and will get noticed. We have four shades of red from which to choose, including Brick Red, Burgundy, and Cranberry.


White shutters are the most neutral, and will stand in contrast to a house with and outside dark paint color.


All exterior shutter styles except for those specified can be ordered in a combination of two colors. Combining colors make ordering one-of-a-kind shutters possible for any homeowner.


If a standard shutter color does not match your needs, Ready Shutters also offers shutter panels that can be painted.


Request samples of all of our available shutter colors above.


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