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Shaker Exterior Shutters

Exterior Shaker Shutters by Ready Shutters use wide slats that are flush with the front of the shutter panel. Each shaker is between two and three inches, which gives the appearance of a wide plantation louver. Plantation shutters are interior panels that cover a window opening. They generally have movable louvers that control light and visibility. Exterior shutters using shakers are non-functional, and attach directly to the outdoor house with screws or spikes. The shakers are in a fixed position.


Shaker shutters come in a variety of outdoor styles and shutter colors. Choose from ten exterior shutter styles with a variety of divider rail locations. Because the shakers and divider rails are the same size, shaker exterior shutters must be multiple colors to distinguish between the divider rails and shakers. Outdoor shutters with shakers may use an open pattern with space between shakers, or a closed pattern.


Single-wide shaker shutters span from 7 - 17.75 inches in width and 20 - 108 inches in height. Double-wide outdoor panels span from 13 - 29 inches in with, with the same allowable height. Determine the individual exterior shutter panel size by measuring the window.


Shaker exterior shutters can be installed to highlight any home's exterior. View pictures of a few shutter styles for inspiration. All shutters are manufactured in the United States and shipped directly to your house.


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